Bodybuilder Physique <10% bodyfat

This is a physique which would have taken you a long time to achieve. You may be considering cutting fat in preparation of a body building competition as part of your bulk & cut cycle. If so, it is unlikely that our program would have much to offer for you, however our coaches can help you stay competitive and focused to accomplish your goals.

Your progressions

Cut Cycle or Maintainence

A potential path for you may be to explore another cut cycle to really make the muscle definition pop. This would require careful planning and ideally with the support of a coach to monitor your progress and provide feedback.

A short cut cycle may be planned for 4-6 weeks. to shred a further 1%-1.5% bodyfat depending on how much leaner than 10% you currently are.

Bulk Cycle

Alternatively you could look to bulk up to 11-14% (depending on your performance) 

Being in a caloric surplus for a period of 3-6 months as you bulk would help you maintain the lean physique whilst prioritising muscle growth. This could be a genuine option that is both fun and manageable.

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