Online 8 Week Weight Loss Program
Athletic Lean 365 days of the year

Online Bodyweight Training, Minimal Equipment

All you need is an internet connection, your body and a tiny bit of space. Train your way with the exercises you enjoy. There is something for everyone!

Online Training for all Levels

Everything you need for $8.99 per month

A complete education series to help you get fit, get lean, get athletic and stay that way 365 days of the year. We’ll show you how to work out, when to work out and how to manage your nutrition so that you can get started on your journey. Try our 8 week weight loss program.
Our full library of follow-along fitness classes made for you to do from your own home. These fitness classes are all bodyweight and cover strength, mobility and conditioning. Our classes are graded easy to hard and have everything you need in one handy place.
If you find this all a little bit to complicated,
reach out for coaching. 

The 8 Week Fat Loss Coaching Pack includes:
1 x Initial Coaching session
PLUS 7 x Weekly Check Ins

For AUD $99.

The 5 Rules of our 8 week program

Your goal is to enjoy the process and the outcome. 

  • The key to long term success is enjoyment
  • Learn what a balanced approach feels like
  • Discover what a fitness lifestyle creates
  • Discover a sensible approach to weight loss and management
Once injured, its hard to continue training so:

  • Train at your level
  • Take your rest and let your body recover
  • Don’t red line your exercise
  • Attend to your strength, mobility & conditioning
  • This is why we love Bodyweight

We need to eat healthy, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for fun eating at all. Learn all there is to know to eat balanced in our 8 week weight loss program.

  • We’ll show you the right foods to eat
  • How to structure your own diets
  • Meal plans are hard to follow, so we prefer to give you a nutrition strategy instead.
We’re all different. To a degree our age, genetic pool and gender play a big role in how much fat we can lose, how quickly and how easy it is to keep it up.

  • Tailored approach for you
  • Tailored nutrition strategy
  • Tailored training strategy
  • No judgement

To drive this 8 week weight loss program, we will use a science backed approach that builds muscle and shreds fat.

  • Science lead your personal strategy to fitness and nutrition
  • Science lead tracking and calibration
  • We’ll take all the guess work out.

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