Let's get our fitness on for Xmas!

Celebrating the re-opening of Victoria, we’re proud to announce our very first FIT-MAS Program. Limited Spots, Register now.

What You Get for $199 (Non-Members)

Six Week Fat-Burning-Fitness-Boosting Program

Access to Unlimited L9 fitness classes for 6 consecutive weeks

Nutrition Strategy & Guide

Weekly Progress Check In & Fat Loss Coaching

L9 Members Price $99

Six Week Fat-Burning-Fitness-Boosting Program

Nutrition Strategy & Guide

Weekly Progress Check Ins & Fat Loss Coaching


FITMAS designed for everyone

We’ve designed FITMAS as a program to help members get fit, lose some weight and learn how to keep lean 365 days of the year the simple way. The L9 Method has worked wonders for members looking to get back into fitness and is the same powerful method which has delivered 6 pack bods. The science and methods utilised are proven, but most importantly sustainable. Use this 6 week program to kick-start your journey.

If you are unsure how to start, register for the free seminar below and join in. All will be revealed!


Fat loss and Body Recomposition the L9 Way. The truly effective method to lose fat quickly & safely.

Learn the difference between fitness truths and myths and learn how to apply them.

Learn the L9 method which is fun, easy and super flexible. Eat what you like and exercise meaningfully with the L9 Method.

Learn how to manage Xmas & New Year feasts with the L9 Method.

Learn the basic rules to follow to keep that fat off.

Discover and harness the power and effectiveness of bodyweight training like yoga & calisthenics.

Join others before you on a fitness and fat loss journey with success.

First-timer friendly classes available

L9 FirstMotion

Designed for members of all ages who are getting back into fitness for the first time. This is a 30 minute instructor lead workout which aims to build cardio vascular fitness & mobility. If you can walk, you can do FirstMotion.


L9 PureMotion

Designed for beginners and intermediate members looking to develop mobility, strength and movement skills. This is our foundational movement class which brings elements of yoga and calisthenics and one of our most popular classes.




Sunday: 15 Nov 2020

Where? L9 Studio!

At our FIT-MAS induction seminar, you will discover everything we will do over the 6 week FIT-MAS program including:

1. An introduction to L9 & bodyweight fitness

2. Exercise Programming

3. Fat Loss / Weight Loss Strategy

4. Nutrition Strategy

5. Christmas & New Year Strategy

6. Questions & Answers


Register for FIT-MAS

Due to limited spots, please do register below so we have your contact details on hand. We may need to contact you if the space is over booked or if we need to move your session. If you can’t make the induction day, let us know and we may schedule another induction date.