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Level Nine Fitness isn’t your typical gym. Here we train full body strength and mobility, developing skills through movement. Our primary vehicle is bodyweight training through a variety of group classes. Instead of a gym where you learn how to use equipment, here you learn to use your body. You can build tremendous strength and flexibility at the same time. A vast majority of our members do a bit of everything, creating well rounded and fit bodies.

Unlike a typical gym, our studio focuses on what you can do instead of what you look like. Fitness isn’t a competition, it’s a journey… your journey.

The 2 key practices we have brought together is Calisthenics (Strength) and Yoga (Mobility & Flexibility). We also have a very special platform called PureMotion, designed to be a movement first approach. Our classes are designed such that beginners and advanced can participate, so if its your first time to strength training or yoga, L9 is a great place to start!

We have a very spacious Yoga Studio and a complete Calisthenics Center right here in Nunawading. Just a quick drive from Mitcham, Ringwood, Blackburn, Vermont, Doncaster, Donvale and Box Hill.

The only way to understand what we’re about is to come join us.

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We have several ways to train at L9. Do one, do the other, do them all.

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Group Classes

At L9 we offer a range of group classes which are all all designed to do 1 thing... get you moving! We've adapted training techniques, blending different practices together to create full body workouts. We also offer beginner friendly classes which increase in difficulty so there should be something fun and interesting for everyone.

Open Sessions / Self Training

The open sessions are non-instructor lead sessions where you can come to the facility and use all our toys, mats in a space where class is not being held. Do your own self training as it pleases you! You will need to book in for these Open Sessions from 22/June as we need to control numbers in the gym and ensure that it is prepared for you appropriately.

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Our Calisthenics / Yoga Studio is located at:

296D Whitehorse Road, Nunawading VIC 3131


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