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Congratulations on starting the journey

What you get from this program:

1 x Free initial consultation (worth USD $40)
7 x Free check-ins (worth USD $140) which is available up to 8 weeks from starting.
Free access to online.l9.com.au for 3 months

If you successfully lose weight and complete the 8 week program,
you will also receive 24 months free access to L9 Online.
(Total value of USD $341.73 for Free)

What you will have to provide:

– Before, During & After photos
– Recordings of you working out and eating healthy
– Be aware that our online meetings are recorded and will be shared
– Be committed to completing this journey

What would be simply amazing?

We are in the process of sharing our program with the world, to show them how easy it is to lose and manage weight.
Fitness has had a bad rep for many years, it’s created an unhealthy view of what “good” is.
We would really appreciate it if you help us promote healthy weight loss by:

Promoting L9 Online on your social media
With pictures, videos and words of your own.
(You don’t have to do this, but it would be simply amazing!)



To get started on this journey, follow the following steps:

1. Sign up for L9 Online for free

This promo code gives you free access to L9 Online for 3 months.

It will ask you for a credit card (unfortunately that's how the software works)
But when you complete the program, we will give you another promo code for the 24 months

2. Book your first online consultation

Before we meet:

Make sure you watch at least up to episode 3 of our Fat Loss Program. You can find the series right here:


Weigh yourself, first thing in the morning after a toilet break. 

Take a photo which you can share with us. We do need to be able to estimate the fat levels on your body to help you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look amazing, it would be great to compare at the end!

Book your first consultation below. We look forward to meeting!

3. Book in your weekly check ins

Before we meet:

Make sure you have recorded your weight and caloric intake and have that information ready to share.

Don’t worry if you haven’t hit your numbers and weren’t successful. That is what we are here for!

That’s me!

Here are some pics of me going through my body recomposition journey. It wasn’t over 8 weeks, but certainly big steps were made early and my strategies have helped me stay on since. I’m in my 40s when I started, so there is no reason why it won’t work for you too.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon!



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