Thank you

for being amazing!

We really appreciate your support this year. 

We know it’s more fun to work out with people you love so we’d like to extend FREE access to your friends and family this January 2021.

As your guest, they would receive unlimited classes so they can book in and have fun with you.

All they have to do is register on the form below and use the discount code “IHEARTL9” to get a free 30 day pass this January 2021 worth $220.

And if they do eventually sign up on a contract as a member, we’d like to extend to you and your friend 1 free month of membership 🙂

the rules

You must be a member that’s on a weekly or monthly membership.

You must be a member that’s not on a trial membership.

Your friend / family member must be new to the studio.

Your friend / family member must be at least 18 years old.

You can share this with any of your friends / family, so please feel free to do so.

It doesn’t have to be your bestie, just someone you’ll enjoy working out with!

Please don’t share the promo code with random strangers or promo code websites, we’ve put this together to benefit you and your loved ones.

We may ask guests who referred them (though we really rather not, so please play nice)

L9 reserves the right to void purchases and deny entry at its sole discretion.

let's start

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1. Clicks on the Link below & registers
2. Uses the Promo Code “IHEARTL9” to receive a 100% discount when checking out

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