PureMotion™ by L9

Come try our innovative and unique movement class.

Experience the Restorative & Healing Power of PureMotion

What is PureMotion™

PureMotion is an innovative exercise system developed by L9. It is a 60 minute instructor lead class designed to reprogram the way the body moves.

With PureMotion, you will build a strong core (abs), develop strength in arms, legs & glutes as well as build flexibility and mobility. This is a foundational movement class that is designed for members of all levels looking to improve range of movement, fluidity and confidence. 

It borrows key movement skills from yoga, gymnastics & martial arts and is a low-impact exercise routine for all abilities and is a powerful tool to heal and restore the body… an excellent routine to do during rest days.

The key areas of focus include developing bodyweight strength, foundational skills and to develop balance, body control and mobility. Members with tight shoulders, hips and knee joints enjoy this class as it helps unlock mobility whilst building strength.

Designed as a complete full body, compound movement and balanced exercise routine for anyone of all all ages and abilities and is a very popular class.

Why you should do PureMotion™

1. Improve balance & control as you drill movement patterns

2. Experience the Rehabilitative and Restorative benefits of PureMotion

3. Develop confidence in your movement

4. Develop Proprioception and Heightened Awareness

5. Get better activation and recruitment of muscles & reduce the risk of injuries

PureMotion targets your abs, shoulders, arms and legs and work your glutes for a fit all-rounded body. Suitable for everyone aiming for a highly functional body.

PureMotion is low impact, with emphasis on form and focus, it aims to correct posture, build strength and confidence. Try this innovative and fun class that’s beginner friendly!

PureMotion Fundamentals Supports / Improves


The Calisthenics class requires a strong attention to form, posture and technique. Many of the base techniques such as hollow body, core strength and glute activation is all taught in PureMotion. Mastering these will greatly assist in unlocking advanced Calisthenics Movements.


In PureMotion Fundamentals, key skills are broken down into parts "Outside of a flow" which allows Yogis to focus and master movements to further improve their Yoga Practice.

PureMotion Flow & Inversions

The basics inversion skills are taught in PureMotion Fundamentals. Once you've mastered these skills, consider taking PureMotion Flow & Inversions to advance into free standing handstands and more.

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

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