Get Mobile, Get Moving
Build well rounded bodies which are strong, fit and mobile
A system designed for everyone
All you need to do is bring your body and some determination.
Challenge Yourself
Re-think fitness. Express yourself with beautiful movement

Fit bodies

are strong

Strength prevents injury and minimises muscle aches. It helps you move faster, more confidently and unlocks really fun (and impressive) movements.

are mobile

Actively building mobility helps prolong your ability to train over the years. It means you can perform exercises with more confidence, safely and is the other key component to unlock fun and impressive movements.

are lean

An athletic & lean body means you are placing less stress on joints and increasing your strength to weight ratio. An optimally lean body is light without sacrificing strength. Lean bodies are less prone to injury, much more mobile, easy to maintain and unlocks the impressive movements.

"Beautiful Movement"

The L9 System is the best elements taken from the best training practices including:

boxing, weightlifting, yoga, gymnastics, HIIT & Circuit, bodyweight & Calisthenics.

All melted together in a complete system to help you create “beautiful movement”

We’ve borrowed this from the word “Calisthenics” of Greek origin meaning “beautiful strength”. (Kallos Sthenos). 

…the ultimate expression of strength and grace.

The Level 9 System is

designed for all levels

Everyone needs to start somewhere; and a great deal of work has been done to prepare for members at all levels to make sure you are able to train safely and sensibly while making great progress. We help you select a training path based on your current fitness level, prior injuries and your training objectives and training-work-life balance.

designed to be safe

We think this is the perfect system. If you work through the system safely you'll get fitter and move better. You'll train and attempt Level 9 Feats that are suitable for your level of fitness. Our coaches exist purely to help you refine your technique and show you how to perform exercises safely. You won't be thrown in the deep end and asked to snatch a barbell with no training!

designed to be fun

You get to "pick your own journey", choosing the types of exercises that you enjoy doing and attempting Level 9 Feats which you want to. You train when you want, how often you want and can have as little or as much coaching as you desire.

Progress through the 9 Levels

Level 1 - Beginner & First Timer
Level 2 - Basic Functional
Level 3 - Body Functional
Level 4 - Healthy Lean
Level 5 - Athletic Lean
Level 6 - Athletic Muscular
Level 7 - Advanced Mobility & Strength
Level 8 - Hyper Mobility & Strength
Level 9 - Genetic Limit

L9 Complete Training System

Weights & Resistance

Get stronger the safe way. Train for strength, muscle development and endurance. Strength training is important for muscle development and implemented strategically can assist with reducing body pains and aches.

Bodyweight & Calistenics

Our programs incorporate the development of strength using your bodyweight. This is a very natural development system for beginners and advanced alike... and not to mention... fun!

Yoga & Gymnastics

Dedicating time to your mobility training reduces injuries and training down time. More importantly, it helps you move better, reduce aches and pains. Develop the flexibility and grace by introducing the best of Yoga and Gymnastics using the Level 9 system.

Cardio and Conditioning

The Level 9 system incorporates high intensity conditioning to simultaneously build strength and develop cardiovascular fitness. Get toned and build a powerful core with L9.


Get your heart pumping and burn fat with Boxing! Incorporate boxing into your training for some fun, stress relief and some seriously intense calorie burning. Studies have shown that boxing consumes more calories than any other exercise.

Rehabilitation & Care

Our bodies require care... our shoulders, knees, back and feet are common body areas which are susceptible to pain and aches particularly if we sit around offices all day. With body care exercises built into our system, your're preventing injury and improving your quality of life.