Prologue - Lets Train at home - Bodyweight Training

Starting the 24th of Jan, we’re going to stream classes live so you can tune in and work out with us.

Stay motivated people! It ain’t easy with all the distractions at home. I like to train with others, I thrive best in a group environment so if you are like me, join us. The streams are free for all, whether you are L9 Members or not.

You won’t need much gear. I’m trying to make this just a bodyweight program as much as possible with minimal use of apparatus. If you are able to install rings / TRX (or imitation ones) at home (and or a pull up bar), that’s ideal so you can keep your pull exercises going.

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Training Program

Livestream Classes in the Morning

We’re running training everyday. (Times in AEST)

Monday 9:30am – Bodyweight Conditioning

Tuesday 9:30am – PureMotion (an adapted version)

Wednesday 9:30am – Bodyweight strength

Thursday 9:30am – Bodyweight Conditioning

Friday 9:30am – PureMotion (an adapted version)

Saturday 9:30am – Bodyweight strength

Sunday 9:30am – Yoga Vinyasa Flow


Livestream Workout with Terence in the Evening

Join Terence as he trains at the home gym. Working out at home with the objectives of achieving the Lever, Muscle Up, Hand Stand, Pike (and Straddle) and starting Planche Training. Also as an experiment, as a byproduct of the training, get a 6 pack going.

Everyday – Handstand + Pike + Abs

Rotating each other day:

Monday 6:30pm – Muscle Up + Lever

Tuesday 6:30pm – Planche + Legs

Wednesday 6:30pm – Muscle Up + Lever

Thursday 6:30pm – Planche + Legs

Friday 6:30pm – Muscle Up + Lever

Saturday 6:30pm – Planche + Legs

Sunday 6:30pm – Technique, Play Session & Progress Evaluation



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