Careers At L9

Join our training crew and share our passion in bodyweight fitness and calisthenics. 


Cert III / Cert IV

or Sports Science / Degree


Gymnasts, Martial Artists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Yogis, Inversion and Handstand Specialists,
Circus, Aerial, Pole & Calisthenists.


What we're looking for

 A can-do attitude & people skills & ability to work in a team

 Enjoy building & fostering a community

 A genuine passion for all things bodyweight esp. strength, mobility & flexibility.

Getting Started: Have you been to L9?

Hi there,

I’m Terence and thanks for getting this far!

I’m writing this in hopes that you’re the sort of person that reads, and that this post here will help you best unlock your ability to become an Instructor at L9.

The best way to start your journey to becoming an instructor at L9 is to be familiar with the L9 Program, check out our facility and out training methodology. We’re not street lifting machines, handstand elitists, HIIT House or trick junkies. We’re first and foremostly about fitness, and we care about balanced Strength Mobility and Flexibility. 

We’re always on the look out for talent & given how specialised our work is there is quite the investment in training on both parties. As such we’ve started to prioritise instructors that have been to L9 and completed the L9 program consistently. It is really hard to appreciate what it is we do until you’ve done it. Even the most experienced coaches who have come to L9 have discovered the different layers and complexity that the L9 Program offers.

The L9 Program is our anchor, and we try to structure our entire offering, class structure around it, so its practically impossible to immerse you into L9 without a strong appreciation of the L9 Program.

Start your journey by coming in as a member. It really is a great way to learn about L9.



Getting Started: Current Member

A special note to L9 Members interested in being an instructor… 

I really appreciate the support you’ve given our community as a member and I cannot thank you enough for interest in being an instructor. There are a few considerations in being an instructor you may not have thought about, so here goes.

1. Your role within the L9 community is elevated, and with that comes responsibility.

2. So there are expectations and standards that you’ll  have to meet. (we all do!) … As a member you are expected to be open to coaching, be respectful to others and have fun. The list as an instructor is much greater. To start with, you’re responsible for safety, motivation and culture. It’s a lot to absorb and deliver.

3. This means that becoming a L9 Instructor changes your relationship with us, which might alter the way you feel about working out at L9 and how you might enjoy it as a member. I’m pointing this out so you can consider how precious your workout time is and how much you value being a member, in case you’re not  be prepared to trade that in.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out and we can talk about this more!


Instructor Intake

Register for the next L9 instructor intake. We’ll email and SMS you about the next intake event where we can go over all this in detail so you have a sense of what being a L9 coach is all about!

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