25/03/2020 - Body weight Strength Follow Along Live Stream - Fitness Class

Building strength with a bodyweight program isn’t impossible. Yes you can work out from home and still get strong. I’ve run a light to medium level difficulty class here today which you can make much harder or easier for yourself. Hit us up on facebook and let us know if you want a tougher or easier class and I’ll run one… JUST FOR YOU 🙂 


Training Program

Bodyweight Strength

This program is designed to develop strength. Being a full body strength program, this exercise routine includes the use of pull exercises which we attempt using the rings. Consider TRXs as an alternative. If you’re advanced, consider having a pull up bar.

Generally aiming for 3 sets of 10. The exercises here include:


3×10 Flat Push Ups to Pike Press

3×10 Australian Ring Rows

3×10 Front and Side Lunges

3×10 Bench Step Ups or Box Jumps

3×10 Glute Horizontal Extensions

Leg Raises till it hurts

Figure 8 Raises till it hurts

Xman till it hurts



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