3/04/2020 - Body weight Strength Follow Along Live Stream - Fitness Class

Today I upped the level a little with a bodyweight strength class. Hope you enjoyed it.

Training Program

Bodyweight Strength

This program is designed to develop strength. Being a full body strength program, this exercise routine includes the use of pull exercises which we attempt using the rings. Consider TRXs as an alternative. If you’re advanced, consider having a pull up bar.

Generally aiming for 3 sets of 10. The exercises here include:


3×10 Push Ups (Pick your level of Difficulty)

3×10 Rows (with Weights or Suspension / Rings)

3×10 Squats (Clean or with Weights, and consider Archer Squats)

3×10 Step Ups (Or Step Downs, or Pistol Squats or Boxed Pistol Squats)

3×10 Glute & Hamstsring Bridges

Leg Raises till it hurts

Figure 8 Raises till it hurts

(or any 2 abs till it hurts!)



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