14/04/2020 - Body weight Conditioning Follow Along Fitness Class

In this Conditioning Session we did 3 sets of 7 exercises. This one is a good sweat session that will definitely get your heart pumping!

Training Program

Bodyweight Conditioning

The conditioning programs are great for getting a sweat on. Still a full body program, the goal here is endurance, so we use less weight but increase the explosiveness and try to get as many reps in. 

This program is running 3 sets of: 45 seconds on 15 seconds off. with a 1 minute break in the middle. 

In today’s program we do:


Wide Stance Push Up, shoulder taps

Sumo squat to side lunge reach

Shoot throughs

Scissor Jacks and High Knees

Leg Raises 

Scissor Kicks

Commando Planks – knees to elbows



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