30/04/2020 - Body weight Strength Follow Along Live Stream - Fitness Class

Alright guys, back to our normal Strength Training session 1 activation and 3 working set and the 3rd working set. The activation is like a warm up so start with a lighter weight or an easier version of the exercise and for the 3 working sets you want to up the weights and do a level up version of the exercise. The difficulty level of the exercise depends on your fitness level, challenge yourself and see if you can do the harder version, in saying that do listen to your own body, if any of it does not feel right, tone it down until you build strength. It will come in time. Have fun!

Training Program

Bodyweight Strength

This program is designed to develop strength. Being a full body strength program, this exercise routine includes the use of pull exercises which we attempt using the rings. Consider TRXs as an alternative. If you’re advanced, consider having a pull up bar.

Generally aiming for 3 sets of 10. The exercises here include:


3×10 Push Ups (Pick your level of Difficulty)

3×10 Rows (with Weights or Suspension / Rings)

3×10 Squats (Clean or with Weights, and consider Archer Squats)

3×10 Step Ups (Or Step Downs, or Pistol Squats or Boxed Pistol Squats)

3×10 Glute & Hamstsring Bridges

Leg Raises till it hurts

Figure 8 Raises till it hurts

(or any 2 abs till it hurts!)

Stretch after workout




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