4 Week Pull Up Intensive Workshop

Unlock and Improve your Pull Up.

Sorry, we no longer run this 🙁

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12:15 Noon

Sat 2-March-2024
Sat 9-March-2024
Sat 16-March-2024
Sat 23-March-2024


12:15 Noon

Sun 3-March-2024
Sun 10-March-2024
Sun 17-March-2024
Sun 24-March-2024


FREE for L9 Passport Members


Take a deep dive into the Pull Up to either unlock or to increase your ability in one of the most effective exercises to develop back and bicep strength.

We will focus on learning good form and what a good L9 pull up is.

Come ready to work out, you will be put through workout and be given homework over 4 weeks!

Workshop Details

Each week you will attend a hands-on 60 minute session to learn about, practice and master the Pull Up. Coaches will assess your Pull Up, show you techniques and drills that you can practice and provide you homework to undertake. You will do this a total of 4 times, and with combined homework, will hopefully make excellent ground in improving your Pull Up.

Workshop Outcomes

Unlock your first Pull Up.
We’re going to do everything possible to help you unlock the Pull Up. Not everyone will unlock the Pull Up, but you should at least improve in technique and strength and at a minimum, learn respect  for this king of exercises.

Master the Pull Up.
If you can already do the pull up, then its time to get comfortable with this and aim for 3 sets of 10-12 Pull Ups. We’ll help you unlock this feat of strength (or at least move closer towards it!

This Workshop is Beginner Friendly so come on in!


Ages 18+

You will need to be injury free and cleared by medical staff to undertake intense exercise.

You will need to turn up ready to learn and do a big work out! 

Arrive on time to get the most out of this workshop


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