4 Week Backflip Intensive

Learn How to do a Back Flip at this 4 week course.

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1-2 PM

Week 1: Sun 21-April-2024
Week 2: Sun 28-April-2024
Week 3: Sun 5-May-2024
Week 4: Sun 12-May-2024


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A introduction to the backflip! Learn the movement and training techniques. Starting from the basics of keeping safe, warm up drills, prep drills and more. You’ll be guided by an expert trainer.

You don’t need to be an elite gymnast to learn how to back-flip. You do however need to be fit and in good physical condition to begin with.

Workshop Details

This workshop is an instructor lead 60 minute session over 4 weeks. 

Warning: Be prepared to fall! You can’t learn to back flip without risking falling, so be prepared for this. Always feel free to sit out of a drill that you are uncomfortable doing, and very very very gradually build up your confidence.

For some, learning a back flip is quick and easy, for others, it can take months or even years just to build the capacity and confidence to do so.

Workshop Outcomes

Learn Safety
How to keep safe when practicing Back Flips

Learn Vital Drills
Learn the progressive drills that are right for you and how to build up to a Back Flip.

Have Fun
This Workshop is Beginner Friendly so come on in!


Ages 18+

It is VERY hard to describe the fitness level required to begin your back flip journey, however strong confident legs that can JUMP & LAND CONFIDENTLY is a must.

You will need to be injury free and cleared for exercise by your medical professional (your responsibility to do so).

Arrive on time to get the most out of this workshop