6 Week Challenge

Well, the 6 week is turning out to be much longer than we thought! So for your convenience members, we’ve decided to post up some videos on this page with follow along work-outs you can do at home.

This week's follow-along class: PureMotion

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Step 1: Join our Free 6 week challenge

Here is the invite to our Discord Server: (or click on the discord logo above)


How the 6 week challenge works.

Most L9 members have agreed to join our discord server to chat & share pictures and videos with each other, so please join in with the L9 community. Just click the link and download the app.

How does the challenge work?

Step 1: We are going to announce what we’re going to work on over the next 6 weeks whilst in isolation. It doesn’t have to be big at all and hopefully something you could either pull off or make a big improvement on. 

Step 2: Each week we can post an update on our progress towards this goal. We share the effort we making and any challenges we might be facing.

Step 3: We are going to hold each other accountable and help each other out. Michelle and I will be on a lot, so share videos and questions so we can help you progress and share some tips and tricks.

Step 4: If you are stuck with making progress, Michelle and I are happy to do a private 1:1 call to see if we can help you with whatever the challenge is!

Step 5: With your permission, we’d love to share some before and after photos or videos on our instagram page, so please document the 6 week journey!

Ideas on what you could nominate for a 6 week challenge

Here are a bunch of things you could pick from to work on over the next 6 week challenge (or make one up for yourself). It could be a mobility, strength or skill challenge, anything goes really. Just make it something you want to improve on! Not sure what to do? Ask us in the Discord Chat! Here are some ideas:


Touch your toes or heels. One handed, off hand or both hands. Single leg or straddle or full are fun options!

Reach behind your back. From above and below? or just be able to scratch your back?

Get your hands in superman to reach behind your ears.

Deep Squat (arse to grass) with heels on the ground. Single Legged or both legs… you choose! Standing back up with an improved straight back.

Pull off a Yoga Wheel Pose? Or get yours sweeter?

Pike or Pancake for those who are already quite close!



Get a sweet looking push-up. Maybe get a few reps in?

For those with advanced strength… perhaps Archers, or maybe even One Handed?

Get A pistol squat? or multiple reps? Or Pistol Squat grabbing your heel?

Go from 10 second plank to 60 second plank?

Dead hang for 60 seconds.

For those with rings and bars, perhaps it’s making ground on that pull up or maybe even muscle up.

Navy Seal Challenge! The Navy Seals prescribe a minimum of 42 push-ups, 52 sit-ups and 8 pull ups in about 5 minutes. Competitive standards are 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 15-20 pull ups in about 6 minutes or so. Maybe just do the push-ups and sit-ups?

Do 10 otters (PureMotion) in a row?

Improve your LSit? For those with an LSit, maybe start progressing to a VSIT?



Improve the step to the front of the mat (Yoga) to get feet as parallel to hands as possible.

Memorise and re-create the L9 Strength Warm-up sequence?

Demonstrate the Vinyasa Sun Salutation A or B flows?

Nail a Frog or Headstand hold? Maybe even an elbow lever?

Maybe combine Frog to Headstand or make up a flow.

Float to the top of your mat! (Yoga, some of you will get how cool this is)

Nailing a wall assisted hand-stand for 30 seconds or maybe even start the journey on a free-standing handstand?

Get over the fear of falling from handstands (or any inversion / hand balancing) – practice dismounting or cart wheels?


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Website Testimonials

We’d love to have a few words from you about L9, what you love most about it, maybe your favourite classes? Our biggest challenge is to educate people why bodyweight training is awesome!

A picture or video of you would be amazing!

You could email (customerservice@l9.com.au) them, sms them or instagram them to us!



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Step 3: Help grow the L9 community

Please help introduce our studio to some new members, that would be such a great help.

We would love to welcome your friends and family to L9 and have them train with us.

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They can reach out to us on 0421969110 or through our instagram / facebook!


That’s all from Michelle and I for now. 

Keep training, its only 6 weeks to go!


Terence & Michelle


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