Come join our high intensity athletic conditioning program. 45 mins of pure enjoyment 🙂

Most effective in the morning, AthleticMotion gets a serious calorie burn in and activates your mind and body. This is a must do class to include in everybody’s training to create a well rounded and healthy body!

Training Athletically, we build explosive and powerful bodies with compound full body movements.

Check our timetable to see when AthleticMotion is on.

How AthleticMotion Works

  1. Turn up 10-15 minutes early and get your pre-workout warm up and activation exercises in. Talk to our coaches about L9 Activate warm-up if you are looking for a well rounded warm-up
  2. AthleticMotion is run as a class. The coach will prepare the course for the day with all its hidden gems and surprises for you!
  3. AthleticMotion is a combination class that utilises aparatus such as the kettlebell & slam balls, but true to athletic training, it utilises your bodyweight as well. Get ready to sweat!
  4. You bring the intensity at a sustainable level for you. Get through the class and learn about some fitness feats you could attempt along the way.

What to expect

Our coaches will demonstrate in detail how to perform the exercises correctly so you can get through your work out as safely as possible. Classes are not beamed down from HQ. We are here to modify and improve exercises for you with carefully thought out routines.

45 minutes of training in a group class. With progressions for everyone, this class is suitable for beginners and those who are already fit and looking for additional conditioning. Training Athletically, this is a full body workout.

You’ll be building strength, cardio-vascular performance and overall conditioning simultaneously. An excellent class for those wanting the most impact.

What you need to bring for training

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

Gym gloves can be helpful (optional)