L9 Boxing

Nothing burns calories quite like boxing. We offer a 45 minute boxing class suitable for everyone with a basic cardiovascular fitness level.

Learn to throw jabs, crosses, hooks and use good boxing footwork.

Unleash your weekly stress on a bag or work with a partner in our group boxing classes.

note: while we have ring-ready boxing trainers, this is a non-contact boxing class, intended for learning technique and fitness.

L9 Boxing

How L9 Boxing Works

  1. Turn up 10-15 minutes early for your boxing class.
  2. The coach will demonstrate boxing technique and footwork and guide you through a boxing class. Our boxing coaches have experience in the sport of boxing.
  3. Expect to work on 
    1. punching a boxing bag
    2. boxing combos with a partner using mits
    3. conditioning exercises using kettlebells
    4. Lots of cardio and ab work

What you need to bring for training

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

Please bring your own boxing gloves. We do have a few loan ones but honestly, you need your own!

Boxing wraps are needed. These are crucial to protect your wrists and knuckles. Please bring your own. You can get these from any good sports store or online.