L9 Coaching

Included in our full membership is L9 Coaching where we provide personalised training programs suited to the individual’s needs, whether you are first timer trying to get back into fitness or if you have highly specific strength and conditioning goals. A personalised training program followed with trainer support and education is a very powerful way to reach your fitness goals.

Coaches are rostered on a time-table rotation. As a member, all you need to do is come during those times to get modifications and progressions on your program as well as help with your work out. We’ll help you get the techniques right (and give you a little push). Just talk to us… we’re really friendly!

Our coaches are here to:

Assess your Fitness Level

Get you into the right programs

Teach you and show you the correct form and technique

(Suitable for all levels)

My L9 Coaching Experience

How L9 Coaching Works

  1. You have your first assessment upon joining with a coach to assess your fitness level and find the right program(s) for you.
  2. The coach goes through the program with you and show you how to perform the exercises correctly.
  3. Each time you come to the gym during coaching sessions you can reach out to the coaches on duty to help you:
    1. Master your program or exercises
    2. Understand your training objectives
    3. Assess / Reassess your fitness level
    4. Adjust your program / technique to your level of fitness
    5. Introduce you to a new program or training style
  4. Our coaches will keep a roaming eye out to see how you are performing and reach out to correct you or give you helpful hints.

Coaching versus Personal Training

If you are considering Personal Training, lets look through some advantages of Coaching and Personal Training. Feel free to chat to us if you feel you need a Personal Trainer to work with you instead of Coaching.

Which one is right for you? It’s always hard to tell… the only way is to try em out.


The Coach spends time with you to create a program that fits you and your training schedule. With a L9 Membership, this is at no cost and can be revisited as often as you need.

The Coaching system works really well with the rest of L9’s group classes. You could supplement your individual training with L9’s classes and vice versa at L9. Sometimes, train with a coach or individually. Other days join a group class. Its the best of both worlds.

You don’t always need Coaching. Once you are set on a program and have improved your technique, it may be weeks before you need to reevaluate your progress and your training. Getting Coach support for just 10 minutes here and there might be all you need and that’s included in your membership at no additional cost.

You will have to develop strong mindfulness of your progress and your ability. This is highly-recommended practice anyway as mindfulness is a crucial ingredient for fitness success.

When you do need a full revamp of training, our coaches are here to support you in designing a new program and teach you the correct techniques and progressions.

You can work in with others at a similar level with you and combine the way you work out together, feeding off each other’s energy.

You train when you want and how you want.

Personal Training

A Personal Trainer will dedicate their entire time to you. It comes at a financial cost, but the guaranteed dedication from a PT can be invaluable.

Personal Training is often dedicated one-on-one time (although you can book group Personal Training Sessions)

Personal Trainers are often trained with deeper skills such as nutrition and injury recovery, and can really plan out a regimented and systematic approach for you from week to week, workout to workout. 


You will get the same Personal Trainer each time, who will have a deep understanding of your physical capability and limitations. 

A good Personal Trainer will circumnavigate your limitations and be laser focused on the outcome for you. This is particularly useful for those aiming for very specific fitness outcomes.

Nothing gets the system burning than having a PT motivate you. Right by your side for the entire session, you won’t slack off.

Personal Trainers have tricks in their back pockets to vary your training and shock your body with new workouts.


Start your journey with a free fitness assessment

What you need to bring for training

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

Gym gloves can be helpful (optional)