L9 Flexibility Program


Comprehensive Stretch & Mobility Training to improve recovery and unlocking body control.

Take Functional Training to the next level.

Flexibility & Movement

We offer two classes to improve flexibility: the Stretch Class and the Yoga class. 

Our primary focus is to develop functional flexibility through patient and consistent practice; with regular training you will be able to move & control your body better.

The improved control helps unlock calisthenics movements (and other bodyweight movements) and allows the practitioner to move safely and efficiently.

In our classes you will improve hip, hamstring, leg, torso, shoulder flexibility and much more. Simultaneously we will develop core strength, compression strength and active flexibility.


Improved recovery & Improved performance

Research shows that incorporating flexibility and mobility work within your training improves overall speed of recovery and reduces aches and pains. 

It is a myth that strong people cannot also be flexible and vice versa. Equally there is no reason why both training cannot occur concurrently and in fact research shows a greater performance improvement in both strength and flexibility fields when trained simultaneously.

Just take a look at what elite gymnasts have accomplished for years.

Injury Prevention

A SMALL investment in flexibility and mobility results in a HUGE reduction of the risk of injury.

Flexibility should be trained FULL BODY, accounting for every joint & every muscle to improve range of motion and strength at range. As this improves your body becomes more adaptable for sudden and unprepared movement, providing you protection from injury.

Investment in mobility becomes more important as your body ages and should be a vital part of any adult’s training.

Supporting a wide variety of practices

Our flexibility program is utilised by many bodyweight practitioners to improve their performance in circus, calisthenics, aerial, pole, climbing, martial arts and much more.

Supplement Strength

The stretch and yoga classes will also increase core, leg, hip flexor, back, torso & compression strength.


L9 isn’t suitable for anyone with the following medical conditions:

– Heart Conditions / Disease

– Diabetes

– Osteoporosis

– Major Muscle or joint conditions that may be aggravated by physical activity

The content on our website does not constitute medical advice in any form and does not substitute advice from appropriately qualified professionals. If in doubt, seek further medical advice before commencing at L9.

Flexibility Training for Beginners & Advanced

Everyone is welcome to join our stretch & yoga classes.
We recommend being patient with stretching and progress gradually & safely.

There are no requirements apart from the base health requirements listed above.

Advanced Members can continue drilling and practicing in a fun and friendly environment.