ep5. Top Life Lessons Learnt at the Gym

Je-an suggested this one, to write up a few lessons that I learnt from the Gym and in my bodyweight & Calisthenics Journey.

ep4. L9 Injuries & Recoveries

We discuss the purpose of the L9 Podcast. Why we’re so prone to injuries, working out to minimise injuries and maximise recovery. Building self awareness & patience.

ep3. L9 Training Intuitively

A discussion about intuitive training and what it means to both Je-an and Terence. We discuss discovering limits and mindset when training calisthenics and bodyweight.

ep2. L9 Training Objectives

A little chat between Je-an and Terence about how we train at L9… about balancing Strength & Flexibility training and why Bodyweight training is so good for practically everyone. We also discuss the importance of training sustainably and what that might look like.

ep1. Starting L9, Bodyweight & More

A little chat between Je-an and Terence about how L9 got started and how it became a bodyweight fitness house. We also touch on how we got started on bodyweight and calisthenics, discovering passion and developing consistency.

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