The qualifier will consist of 30 second freestyle performances to demonstrate strength, flexibility & skills.

Prepare for several rounds of performances as the Judges narrow down the finalists. Judges will be looking for:

Judges will select the top performers to qualify for the Day #2 Finals – Titan Royale.


The TITAN ROYALE is the freestyle Final which will be conducted on Day #2 for the top performers during Day #1.

Competitors will take on Heads Up 1V1 Battles consisting of multiple 45 second freestyle performances.

TITAN RULES will apply.
Our scoring & competition system is different from traditional calisthenics freestyle competitions, so prepare for anything including:

– Top Qualifiers Advantage
– Tie Breakers & Sudden Death
– Special Challenges & Bonus Points

The winner of TITAN ROYALE will be crowned TITAN – The Ultimate Bodyweight Warrior
& win a significant cash prize and more.

One Registration Fee...
Two Events

Your Registration Fee allows you to participate in both events, so why not try TITAN FREESTYLE too?

Expect changes & alterations to times,
schedules & events leading up to the tournament.