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Why bodyweight is perfect for everyday people

Bodyweight is Sensible & Safer

If you are new to exercising or it’s just been a long while, you’re almost always going to have weaker & stiff joints. The ligaments are softer and you’re likely to have weaker support muscles. Finally, your body control skills may be lacking. So it makes ZERO SENSE to launch into a rigorous high-intensity circuit exercise that puts your body under unnecessary duress. As a beginner, you are already at high risk and ANY exercise could cause an injury so being sensible and as safe as possible is VERY important. 

Try think of it this way: If you can’t do a full range of motion with your bodyweight, you have NO BUSINESS loading it up with weights or extreme intensity.

You progress more safely with Bodyweight Exercises.

Bodyweight is Low Impact

As a beginner with weaker ligaments, we want to progressively and carefully build up the load.

Our philosophy at L9 is that there is nothing more to be gained by increasing impact and pounding the joints unnecessarily. For 99% of everyday people, we can develop joint strength through the development of supportive muscles with low impact exercises. The benefit to risk ratio for high impact movements simply isn’t there for non-athletes.

We train everyday people at L9 to get stronger, more mobile and have better body control

Bodyweight for practical Weight-loss

Weight loss is important for everyday people who are currently overweight & with bodyweight, it has nothing to do with looks. We want to lower our fat composition to lower health markers such as lower cholesterol and high blood pressure which in turn improves life expectancy.

However, more often overlooked, a lean body reduces impact and wear on the body and put simply… improves your quality of life.

Just imagine being 10kg overweight, that each step you take places 10kg of additional stress on ankles, knees, hips & back. Imagine trying to do a pull up with 10kg extra on your back! You might not notice it if you are still young, but as you age, this wear and tear over the years is going to take its toll. 

Having a sensible lean body is very beneficial with bodyweight training. If you are light and lean, these movements become easier for you and is a really good reason to look at sensible weight management. 

Bodyweight is for all ages / genders / abilities

It doesn’t discriminate, we all have bodies. Everyone’s body is different and works differently.

Bodyweight training is perfect even if you are a first timer at 90 years of age. Of course your path will be different than a 25 year old bodybuilder or professional athlete, but we have the right pathways for you at L9.

Bodyweight is healing & restorative

For those who have back, knee, shoulder and joint pains, Bodyweight exercises can be very healing and restorative. It is one of the most attractive points about bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight is fun

Sounds cheesy but its true. You don’t know it yet but over time as you play with bodyweight you will start developing skills you never thought you could do. We’re not in a rush at L9. We take our time and enjoy the journey and focus our minds on skill development. You’ll be surprised one day when you look back and realise how far you’ve come. 

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How to know you are a Beginner

Here is the quick test. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be a beginner. 

Has it been over 12 months since you last exercised seriously?

Are you unable to reach your toes?

Are you unable to sit cross legged on the ground for an extended period of time?

Does your body ache in knees, ankles, shoulders or back? Do you pull your muscles often just getting off the couch?

Can’t sit or stand for too long without the body aching?

Never been shown the right way to do an exercise?

Can’t do a pull up, push up or squat down to the ground?

A message from the Founder of L9

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My personal story

My name is Terence and the founder of L9. I’m 44 years of age at the time of writing this. I started my journey back into fitness at the age of 41,  because I was really struggling with my body & I had a poor relationship with fitness. 

I had chronic pains in my back, knees, ankles and shoulders. I had Plantar Fasciatis, Gout, High blood pressure and cholesterol. The list really just went on and on, and while the video above doesn’t show it, technically speaking I was obese and weighed over 25kgs more than I should.

Worst of all, I had ZERO flexibility and no strength. 

Initially I did the whole weighted gym thing & tried to push my body to the max. Everything got worse. Just imagine, it’s like bringing a classic car out of the garage for the first time in years and red lining the engine. I broke more than I fixed.

I discovered Yoga & Calisthenics and just took my time with it. For me a long term life solution was to just move and enjoy movement. I can say that I’m probably fitter today than I have ever been, and because I enjoy it, it’s not a chore. This is why I started L9, I want to share the joy of movement with you. 

I no longer have the physical issues I had before. From time to time things do flare up but they recover so quickly I barely notice they even happened. I’ve made friends, I travel and enjoy holidays now. I now have a very healthy and functional relationship with fitness, fitness supports and feeds me and unlocks my life. 

Learn from my mistakes. Come join me at L9 and start your journey with Bodyweight exercises.

My message to beginners

Don’t let the video’s on this website scare you. 

They do look hard and intimidating but you don’t start your journey at the hardest point. All our classes are beginner friendly and people of all ages and ability take part. The truth is, you’ll progress at roughly the same rate whether you red-line your body or you take it casually… so there simply isn’t any rush!

We’ve designed our workouts very carefully to be beginner and first timer friendly, and its all built around the idea of enjoying the movement of your body, today and tomorrow.

Don’t worry about feeling silly and don’t worry about not knowing how to do things correctly. That’s the whole point of coming to our classes, we’re here to help you and to guide you. Relax and just have fun with it, we have a great community of members.

Just get started, don’t have any expectations or put any strict rules on yourself and let your fitness develop naturally.

Group Classes for Beginners

Bodyweight Strength

Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength is more than suitable for beginners, in fact its recommended! 

If this is your first fitness journey or you’re back after a long hiatus, it’s important to acknowledge that your body is going to be rather frail in the joints and your supportive muscle system may not be developed, even if it appears so in the mirror. A balanced approach to fitness which includes a balanced diet of strength and mobility work will help minimise the risk of injury and allow you to enjoy fitness and exercise. 


Yoga is pretty close to perfect for beginners & first timers

We simultaneously develop strength and mobility with Yoga. Approach Yoga with calm and look to develop your Yoga poses. 

Yoga scales very nicely from beginners to advanced. It is very accommodating for those starting their journey and advanced yoga movements can be ridiculously challenging.

PureMotion Fundamentals

PureMotion is a special L9 class which borrows movements from a number of practices including bodyweight strenght, yoga, gymnastics and martial arts. Very much suited for the beginner we work on postural strength and play around with fun skills. It is purpose designed for beginners & intermediates.

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