L9 Nunawading Calisthenics Studio / Center

Class Objective

Our primary objective is to develop your strength capacity, i.e. help you increase your maximum strength as well as strength endurance through a range of bodyweight movements. These movements include the fundamental pull ups, dips, pushups, chin ups, squats and more. This strength development will assist day to day life movement, and help you unlock advanced calisthenics and yoga movements with a strength requirement. 

Class Format

Each class is 60 minutes in duration and is a full body workout of our trainer’s choice. The class will consist of pull, push and leg movements and will vary from class to class. The objective of each class will vary as well, as we seek to increase your maximum strength, strength endurance, range of movement and balance out your strength training by focusing on supportive movements. The purpose of varying the programs is to keep your body “surprised” with different rep ranges and workout approach.

This is largely a reps and sets class. As a participant you will learn the fundamentals of strength training and will often partner with another member who is working at your level to assist and motivate each other.

Our instructors will demonstrate the exercises and correct your form as needed.

Deciding which class is right for you

We have 2 bodyweight strength classes, one for beginners and one for All Levels

Beginners Strength

This is a purpose built curriculum for those who are just starting their fitness training and looking to develop confidence in a strength training environment. This class is perfect for you if you are yet able to do a pushup on your toes with clean form. 

Experienced bodyweight strength practitioners are welcome to “work in” in this class and simply pick progressions that are at your level. 

The instructors in Beginners Bodyweight Strength will prioritise time with beginners to make sure beginners are learning correct form and technique from the beginning.

Strength (all levels)

Members of all abilities are welcome to attend Bodyweight Strength class (all levels). The coach will provide progressions and regressions during the class and you will choose the level that is appropriate for you to work at.

You will gradually learn strength training techniques such as progressive overloading, super-sets etc. as well as get an appreciation for the right rep ranges for you.

No 2 members are identical, but there will almost always be a member that is working at your level to pair up with. Beginners with some confidence with strength training are welcome to attend.

Before you attend strength class

You should consult with your doctor / medical professional / allied health professional if you have any concerns in undertaking strength training. A certified health professional may be able to provide you with a list of exercises you may not be able to undertake

Strength training improves / supplements

L9 classes

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

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