L9 Bodyweight Strength Program

Bodyweight Strength

Innovative & Creative Strength Development without the fancy equipment. 

Taking Functional Training to the next level.

52 Week Strength Program

The L9 Strength program runs on a 52 week cycle. Each week we rotate through exercises to target different muscle groups, manage load intensity as well as develop specific skills and technique. 

The bodyweight strength class is the primary class for strength development and suitable for members of all ages and abilities.

300+ Exercises & Drills

We utilise over 300 exercises and drills in our program to develop push, pull and leg strength while simultaneously develop balance, co-ordination and control. Each class we run is varied and full of movement.

9 Levels

L9 stands for Level 9 Fitness. Our movements are graded from level 1 through to level 9.

Level 1 movements are suitable for first timers and those starting their fitness journey.

Level 9 movements are suitable for experienced calisthenics practitioners.

Whatever your ability level is, L9 has the right intensity to challenge you and help you grow.


Our strength classes are designed for everyone to participate in. It’s great fun that every day people can enjoy. Strength training at L9 is in a mixed-ability, relaxed and non-competitive setting as you discover muscles you didn’t know you have. 

Supplement Strength

The L9 Strength class, calisthenics, stretch & handstand classes are excellent ways to improve performance in sporting and physical artistry fields. Many martial artists, gymnasts, aerial hoopists, silks, and body builders turn to L9 to round off their training.

L9 vs. Weight Training

Bodyweight develops balance, control, mobility, flexibility and fun skills simultaneously. 

A 2018 study by they Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested a bodyweight push-up vs a barbell bench-press program in 23 men for four weeks and found an equal level of strength gain between the two groups. This means training at L9 leads to a greater result (skills, control, technique) from your training investment when compared to weight training.

As an example, Gymnasts, martial artists, and elite sports athletes around the world train bodyweight.


L9 isn’t suitable for anyone with the following medical conditions:

– Heart Conditions / Disease

– Diabetes

– Osteoporosis

– Major Muscle or joint conditions that may be aggravated by physical activity

The content on our website does not constitute medical advice in any form and does not substitute advice from appropriately qualified professionals. If in doubt, seek further medical advice before commencing at L9.

Strength Training for Beginners

Everyone is welcome at L9, you don’t need to be able to do a pull up or push up. Our exercises are regressed for beginners and first timers.

Classes which suit Beginners or First Timers:

Strength Class

Stretch Class


Intermediate & Advanced Members

Bodyweight strength training can get challenging very quickly and there is no shortage of progressions for Advanced members. Members of all levels at L9 attend:

Strength Class

Stretch Class


Once you are able to perform a high-hang (or a pull up) and a bodyweight dip you should consider joining the Calisthenics class.

If you are able to hold a handstand against the wall for 30+ seconds (Chest to wall), consider joining the handstand class.