L9 Movement Transformation

Its time to make a change, let movement transform you.

Do stiff shoulders prevent you from lifting things around the house? Have you avoided moving it so much that its now frozen?

Struggle with Heel Spurs (Plantar Fasciitis)? Many people report not being able to simply spend time out and about, constantly looking for seats at whilst shopping. Feet that hurt can really dampen a nice holiday.

Back pains can be debilitating. Maybe its stiff. The worst is when you can’t even sleep it off, waking up with a stiff back leaving you frustrated all day. 

Do you get sharp pains when you’re bending your knee? So much that its preventing you from walking properly?

Get your fitness back

Dear anyone over 35 years old, 

If any of the photos and descriptions look / sound like you, can we please get you to think about L9’s Movement Transformation Program.

Some of that pain above is caused by serious medical issues and conditions which require investigation with a health professional and we highly recommend you seek medical advice before exercising.

There is of course a good chance that the pain you are experiencing is simply due to lack of mobility. Mobility being simply defined as a combination of strength and flexibility. If lack of the mobility is the problem, then the root of your problems are likely to be a combination of :

1. Lack of muscle development – you’re not strong enough

2. Lack of flexibility – you’re not able to fully move your body

3. Over compensation – you’re using the wrong muscles

4. Bio-mechanics – your basic movement techniques have gotten astray

5. Body Composition – your strength to body-weight ratio isn’t up to par.

Here is a quick checklist to see if your pains are muscular in nature:

1. Your pains come and go. You have often completely recovered from the pain… but then it comes back.

2. Acute / Sudden pains such as pulling your neck, shoulder or back occur. You could even trace it back to the thing you did.

3. The incident that sparked the pain is sometimes something really silly and small, like sleeping, or getting out of the car.

4. A really nice massage temporarily relieves the pain… then it comes back. 

5. Anti-inflammatory creams, gels and medication work like a charm when you rub it on the muscle. Same goes for electric therapy.

6. You’re almost always rubbing a muscle.

We’re not medical professionals so you should absolutely seek medical advice, however…

There is a good chance you simply need exercise, specifically exercise that improves your mobility. And you’ve come to the right place for that.

Try our Movement Transformation Program and see if it works for you. It could be the best money you ever spend.

Kind Regards,

Your friendly team at L9.

How the MovementTransformation Program works.

Weekly Movement Workshops

Each sunday, you will attend a movement workshop where participants will practice and train real functional movements with a mobility mindset. These workshops aren’t sweat inducing tear-jerkers rather an opportunity to learn how your body works. Come in loose fitting clothing and prepare to move in funny ways. Learn how you SHOULD be moving and how to train to improve.

This is an exercise and education session that goes for up to 2 hours. We’ll cover the top reasons your mobility might be hampered and what you can do. 

L9 PureMotion Classes

During the week, you should attend at least 2-3 PureMotion classes to build up your your strength and mobility. Being part of the program allows you to attend all the classes, however you should probably stick to PureMotion and in some cases consider L9 Yoga too.


Add in some Self training

We’ll also give you an exercise program which you can do by yourself at the gym. If you come in during the L9 Coaching sessions, our coaches will also be able to help you with the program and teach you how to do the exercises correctly. These will all be covered in the Weekly Movement Workshops, but think of our coaches as Personal Trainers you can count on at no extra cost.

Its not about getting Ripped

If you are overweight, its something we do need to address in the training.

Its not about getting ripped, shredded, jacked, swole or whatever the cool kids are calling it. This is a sensible program. We will talk about developing sensible eating habits without creating meal plans or picking up fad diets. If you can make some little adjustments, you’ll see a difference!

The exercises will be sensible, you should work at your pace.

4 week program that

You should know in 4 weeks

By the time the 4 weeks have expired, you should start to feel the effects of PureMotion and the Workshops. We don’t measure weight or fat levels… you should FEEL better. The duration of the program is 4 weeks. Start your journey at the first Weekly Movement workshop.


The best $200 ever

$ 200
  • 4x Weekly Workshops
  • All classes you need
  • 24 Hour Access Fob

You should know in 4 weeks

By the time the 4 weeks have expired, you should start to feel the effects of PureMotion and the Workshops. We don’t measure weight or fat levels… you should FEEL better. The duration of the program is 4 weeks. Start your journey at the first Weekly Movement workshop.


4 week program that

What is PureMotion™

PureMotion is an innovative exercise system developed by L9. It is a 60 minute instructor lead class designed to build a strong core (abs), tone arms, legs & glutes as well as build flexibility and mobility. 

This program teaches the key body-weight forms and techniques. With varying level of difficulties, this class is suitable for beginners and advanced alike. (Levels 1-6). For those at Level 1-4 with interest of developing skills and strength for higher level Calisthenic skills, this is an excellent starting point.

PureMotion is a complete full-body low-impact exercise.

The best way to find out more about PureMotion is to… try it! Available only at Level 9.

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Its probably best if you brought your own mat. It sure beats sharing!

Don’t forget your towel.

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