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8 week fat loss program

The 8 week fat loss program is our kick-start program to help you get lean and stay lean 365 days of the year. A structured program which covers off the approach, the science & a nutrition strategy for anyone.

workouts included

We’ve created a library of very effective workouts which you can do from home, adapted from the training programs we run in our studio. Build strength, mobility and learn fun skills at the same time

about L9 members

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We have really balanced gender diversity at L9, with almost perfect 1:1 ratio of female to male, with members from 18 to 65. The point is, bodyweight training is for everyone.

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Most of our members mix up their training. We break stereotypes (men do yoga, women do strength) L9-ers value strength, mobility and are sensible with their training.

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All our members are amazing! We have an ultra friendly crowd at L9 who love to share and help each other.

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