L9 Program Workout for Beginners

Probably one of our top asked questions is if the L9 Program right for Beginners and if Calisthenics & Bodyweight is suitable for beginners.

The short answer is YES.

In fact the best thing about L9 and Bodyweight fitness is that you only work to your level. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the exercises are like just watch the video below.

Yes, anyone can do the L9 Program

Here is a video of the different exercises used in a typical L9 Program class, watch to see the different progressions and regressions that are used. The coaches will help you find the right level for you and will probably mix up the classes!

Hey, my mum who is 70 does this. You can too!

Why the L9 Program

The primary goal of this program is to build strength & flexbility. As a secondary, we want to develop balance, mobility and awareness of what your body is capable of. 

We don’t do many tricks in this class at all.

The entire objective is to get fitter and if you want to, build the strength, flexibility and control to explore complex movements & tricks.

But I can't do all those drills

Good news, DON’T! 

If you’re a beginner there is a 99.99% chance you will struggle to get through the entire workout. So come in with the mindset of doing only what you can do… breathe and take breaks. Bodyweight is hard and everyone struggles.

Pro Tip: Talk to the trainers when you come in and tell them you’re a beginner. They’ll help find drills that are at your level.

Class full of monsters?

A monster is a member that is SUPER capable and can do all the tricks. I have to be honest, there might be one or two monsters in your class, but think of them as someone who can help show you tips and tricks to help you improve. Don’t let them intimidate you, they’re people that can be a massive source of inspiration and knowledge. L9-ers are super friendly and ready to help.