Unlocking Bodyweight Fitness Success: The Power of Indirect Training Explained

You don’t need to train Front Levers to improve your Front Lever. You don’t need to train the Pancake to improve your Pancake. …kind of… let me try explain. In the world of fitness, unlocking your body’s potential means understanding the science behind effective training methodologies. One crucial concept, indirect training, holds the key to […]

The Truth about Muscle Soreness & DOMS

Everyone experiences DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) eventually! Its a side-effect of working out and pushing hard. Essentially your muscles are sore because So what’s DOMS? If you’ve just started working out or really pushed yourself harder than usual, the next day, or sometimes two days later, you start to feel sore in the muscles […]

Starting the L9 Program

Starting the L9 Program is easier than you think. If you don’t want to read this article then here is everything you need to know in one sentence: Just show up, whenever you are ready to start & join in, no special planning required. Ok… need more? Then read on! All About the L9 Program […]

Why you NEED the L9 App

The L9 app is necessary for all L9 Members. Apart from the obvious which is to book in to classes and workout sessions there are a few cool features you might not be aware of. Online Access to the L9 Program The advantage of seeing the L9 Program before your week starts is that you […]

L9 Program Workout for Beginners

Probably one of our top asked questions is if the L9 Program right for Beginners and if Calisthenics & Bodyweight is suitable for beginners. The short answer is YES. In fact the best thing about L9 and Bodyweight fitness is that you only work to your level. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the […]