Why you NEED the L9 App

The L9 app is necessary for all L9 Members.

Apart from the obvious which is to book in to classes and workout sessions there are a few cool features you might not be aware of.

Online Access to the L9 Program

The advantage of seeing the L9 Program before your week starts is that you get a good view of all the different exercises and drills we’re going to be working on. Our Trainers put in quite a bit of time explaining the workouts and the objectives of the week and where this week fits within the overall Program… so if you want to get the most out of your workout, study the L9 Program!

Also… Super handy when you’re travelling and you need access to a workout!

Drill Demonstrations

Want to know what the drills look like and what you will be doing ahead of time?… yup thats in the L9 App as well. Watch the Trainers demonstrate drills and regression / progression options you can explore when you are in class.

Strength Check-Ins

This feature is available for our Unlimited and Passport members. You’ll see different tests within the L9 App that you can do to see how far along you’ve come. 

We periodically run coach-lead Strength Check-In Sessions where you can turn up and get advice on where you are at and modifications you could do to help you unlock the next level of strength.

Make notes and ask for feedback… and more…

Class Cancellations & Notifications

We hate cancelling classes, but it happens.

With the L9 App, we can see who has booked in and advise you to let you know when it happens.

Special Content

We have some L9 Member only content available on the L9 App… and we’re working hard to grow this library.