Starting the L9 Program

Starting the L9 Program is easier than you think. If you don’t want to read this article then here is everything you need to know in one sentence:

Just show up, whenever you are ready to start & join in, no special planning required.

Ok… need more? Then read on!

All About the L9 Program

  1. This is a 12 week program that systematically builds strength and flexibility and is the foundational building block for all things bodyweight. It’s designed both for:
  2. those who just want to get fitter & feel & move better.
  3. But also for those who want to ultimately unlock the cool moves.

If you don’t do anything else, DO THE L9 PROGRAM. It scales from the absolute beginner right through to an athlete level.

How the Program Works

  1. The Program lasts over 12 weeks through various phases and restarts again at the end of the cycle… and it goes on forever.
  2. You’re most likely joining the L9 Program MID WAY. Given its a 12 week program, there is only a 1/12 chance you’re starting in week #1. And it’s PERFECTLY FINE! – After any 12 consecutive weeks you’ll have completed the full cycle.
  3. When it starts all over again, it will be different exercises and formats but the same training objectives.

The 3 Phases of the L9 Program

Phase #1 – Volume 
In this phase we work at a lower level of intensity and try to max out the number of reps you can do. This style of training is called Volume and the entire purpose is develop strength endurance and to condition your body. We also focus on a lot of joint prep and mobility work. The outcome is to prepare your body to be able to perform at its peak during the next phases. The Volume Phase can actually be quite hard work because of the sheer volume you are attempting and the brief breaks. Pro-Tip: Leave reps in the tank on each set and make sure you give the mobility drills the respect and love.

Phase #2 – Intensity
Now we step up the intensity for strength & stretch work. Strength will be a mix of hypertrophy & pure strength sets, while stretch will be a mix of dynamic and static stretch work. There will be a big step up in intensity and quite often you will be working to failure on your last reps. The outcome is to extend your body’s raw capacity and the benefits of Phase #1 really kick in now! The mobility and joint work will help keep you safe during Phase #2, and the Strength Endurance work will set up your body to perform at a high repeatable level. Pro-Tip: Learn your personal rep ranges & seek to progressively overload.

Phase #3 – Peak & Deload
This is the final Phase, where we will really test the body. This phase will rotate through a Peak Strength week followed by a Deload Week. During Peak weeks we will max out on Strength, testing how far your body has come and developing your MAX capacity in the top strength movements. Its a lot of big fat breaks and pushing your body to lift as heavy as possible to push the needle up. The Deload week is the opposite, where we will focus on Static Stretches & mobility work. Treat each session as a test and make notes on your progress. Pro-Tip: Respect your breaks!

Starting as a beginner

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, your goal is pretty simple: Get through 12 weeks of this program and start to build a fitness habit. Above all things you might want to achieve, a Good Fitness Habit is Priorty #1!

Top Tips you can do:

Tip #1  – Don’t “Go Hard or Go Home”! It isn’t a race, and I can tell you from experience that our LEAST successful members operate with this mindset. This means, sticking with the difficulty level that you can achieve.

Tip #2 – Focus on yourself  & only work at your level. NO two people doing the class with you will be at the same level. So no matter what, someone is probably going to be better or worse than you, and they’re going to be focusing on themselves… not looking at you.

Tip #3 – The priority is showing up. You don’t even have to complete the work out. Maybe do half the work out, half the reps, half the sets, half the difficulty. Once you’re used to turning up, then you can increase the difficulty.

Keys to Success

If you want to succeed and truly improve, the entire secret is long-term consistency. And the ways to achieve this are:

Stay Injury Free

It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, in the beginning your risk of injuries are at its highest and the chances you’ll experience muscle soreness is almost 100%. It doesn’t matter what type of training you decide to do.

The solution is really really simple. For the next 12 weeks, GO SLOW and focus on technique. Just start building the habit of showing up and working at a level that isn’t beyond you. You’re aiming for slightly uncomfortable but not with a “go hard or go home attitude”.

Build a Rythm (and keep it)

If you get through one full 12 week cycle, maybe just 3 times a week, at a good sensible level of difficulty, you’re going to be stronger and more flexible., whether you like it or not! You’re going to feel much better than before, and a brick ton more confident.

But most important of all, you will have gotten into a good fitness rhythm without injuries… which is the entire secret sauce to progressing… and how beginners turn into monsters.

Attack your weaknesses

Maybe you suck at strength, maybe your kryptonite is flexibility… the whole point of L9 is to tackle your weaknesses head on. It’s how all the cool moves are ultimately unlocked.

Picking Regressions

The L9 Program workouts aren’t written light and they NEED to be adjusted to meet your fitness level. You’re going to be in classes where there is a big mix of members… and some are going to seem like Monstrous Athletes. And in my experience, there are 2 really really common behaviours:

  1. You’re going to try keep up with everyone OR
  2. You don’t feel like you fit in.

My advice… just do you!

I can barely keep up with half the trainers as it is. At L9 its all about you doing you… working at your level.

The entire point of training at L9 is building self awareness about your fitness levels and addressing your weaknesses. Otherwise you might as well go smash your body with High Intensity Training or CrossFit. So be real with yourself & pick a nice smooth comfortable path.

Best of Luck!

Strength Check-Ins

This feature is available for our Unlimited and Passport members. You’ll see different tests within the L9 App that you can do to see how far along you’ve come. 

We periodically run coach-lead Strength Check-In Sessions where you can turn up and get advice on where you are at and modifications you could do to help you unlock the next level of strength.

Make notes and ask for feedback… and more…

Class Cancellations & Notifications

We hate cancelling classes, but it happens.

With the L9 App, we can see who has booked in and advise you to let you know when it happens.

Special Content

We have some L9 Member only content available on the L9 App… and we’re working hard to grow this library.