L9 Nunawading Calisthenics Studio / Center

L9 Calisthenics Studio in Nunawading

The L9 Calisthenics Studio is in Nunawading, minutes drive from Mitcham, Blackburn, Forrest Hill and Ringwood.

Calisthenics is a strength and resistance training that predominantly utilises bodyweight as the primary form of resistance. Unlike traditional strength  and resistance training, we build strength through the development of skills and movements. As your strength progresses and improves, it gradually unlocks more movements. At first glance, bodyweight strength and calisthenics appears much more demanding than utilising weights, on the contrary this couldn’t be further from the truth. Calisthenics and Bodyweight Resistance is very well suited for beginners.

Our training philosophy with Calisthenics is full body and compound as much as possible and keeping the week balanced with a mix of mobility classes such as Yoga and PureMotion.

Our studio is very welcoming of members of all ages, gender and ability. Our classes are mixed and colourful.

Training Objectives

Our primary objective is to learn, unlock and drill the calisthenics movements in this class. The practice of these movements will develop strength and the repetition of these movements will create a clean and dependable form which is safe and repeatable.

The L9 Calisthenics Program

Our Strength & Calisthenics classes 60 minute classes comprising of a warm-up followed by sets of full body exercises. 

The classes follow a carefully designed 12 Month Program designed to help you improve strength & skills.

This 12 Month Calisthenics program will ultimately help you unlock & improve key calisthenics movements such as:

Muscle Ups on Rings / Bar

Front / Back Levers on Rings / Bar

Handstand Push Ups


Human Flag / Flags

There are over 200 movements to learn and master at L9!

Each movement is graded in difficulty from Level 1 to Level 9 and you will work at the level that right for you.

Recommended Classes

To improve at calisthenics, here are some of our recommended classes


Learn fundamental skils, Improve Mobility, Muscle activation and recruitment, Balance & control, prehab and rehab.


Over 12 months, develop the raw strength and fundamental calisthenics techniques. Improve your pulling, pushing and leg strength while developing skills.


Learn how to do a free-standing hand stand and improve hand stand reliability & consistency


Use your strength & mobility at the Calisthenics skills class. In this class you’ll refine your techniques, explore transitions & flows and play with calisthenics movements.

Our Members

L9 Calisthenics Center and Group Classes

Calisthenics is much more beginner friendly than you might imagine! Our coaches will spend time with you to show you quite literally the ropes and how to get going. 

Calisthenics employs a lot of bodyweight training. Our classes are made for everyone to participate, don’t be intimidated! From beginners to advanced, calisthenics does not discriminate on age or gender.

Work at your level with L9 Calisthenics, our classes and coaches know exactly how to get you on the right progression path. We are all on our own journey. 

L9 Calisthenics is FUN!
All Smiles
Join a fun group of Calisthenics Enthusiasts

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.

Calisthenics Training is supported by

L9 classes

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