Bodyweight Studio in Nunawading
(Mitcham, Forrest Hill & Blackburn)

Class Summary

Our primary objective is to develop full body flexibility in a 60 minute stretch class. Unlike the yoga class, you will explore flexibility drills outside of a yoga flow as you systematically improve full body flexibility according to the L9 flexibility program.

This class is for members of all levels.

What you will learn

You will discover full body flexibility & learn flexibility drills that are right for your level. You’ll learn the right progressions & regressions based on your current flexibility level as you gradually progress toward major flexibility movements such as the pike & pancake folds, splits, bridges and more.

Class Format

Each class is an instructor lead 60 minutes session which covers full body stretches.. The classes are conducted in varying intensity depending on the program and members work towards their level of experience and comfort.

Each member works at their own level, selecting regressions and progressions that suit them best.

The instructor will correct form and help pick suitable regressions / progressions.


Anyone of any ability level and age (16+) can attend this class.
This class is not suitable for members with a heart condition, stroke, diabetes, major muscle or joint conditions, osteoporosis and any condition that may be worsened by participating in physical activity. Please consult medical advice before commencing an exercise program.

Getting the most from this class

Arrive at least 5 minutes early to settle in.

Be well hydrated & avoid being fatigued.

If you are experiencing muscle soreness from training, it is advisable to rest and recover instead of training.

Be aware of your limitations and explore with caution.

If you are unsure of a movement / exercise, take the time to ask and discover your ability.

Once you are familiar with an exercise, push yourself and try more complicated variations. This is the secret to advancing and improving.

This class is suitable for attendance several times a week.

Try to have fun! Don’t be so serious!

Don’t be intimidated by advanced members. L9’ers are very friendly and will be more than happy to help you out.


As a beginner, you will need to learn fundamental stretching techniques. It is vital to learn how to breathe into stretches and discover how the stretch exercises work.

You will discover improved self-awareness and patience as you identify the appropriate intensity for you which improves flexibility without injury.

Beginners train alongside advanced members as our stretch classes are designed for mixed level attendance.

Intermediate & Advanced

Intermediate & advanced members will explore deeper stretches and work towards unlocking the major flexibility milestones (e.g. splits, folds)

You will train alongside beginners, learning to use tools to further improve your stretch practice.

Our training staff will help you fine-tune your practice, helping you improve your form as you sink deeper into stretches.

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Its probably best if you brought your own mat. It sure beats sharing!

Don’t forget your towel.

L9 Program

Our most effective & highly efficient program for developing a functional body that’s strong, flexible & durable. These sessions systematically rotate through our bodyweight & calisthenics program & designed for members of all levels.

Minimum Requirement: Be injury free & cleared to do exercise by your certified medical advisor.

L9 Evolution Stretch

Take your stretch to the next level & unlock splits, back bends & more. Designed for intermediate and advanced members to unlock & maintain high level flexibility.

Minimum Requirement: A forward fold where you can hold your heels with straight legs. If you are unsure what a forward fold is, please attend the L9 Program.

L9 Evolution Strength

Take your strength to the next level. In these session we will attack advanced strength including weighted calisthenics, 1RM Testing, Advanced Training Systems e.g. Bulgarian, Barbell Leg Days to take fundamental strength to the next level.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to complete sets of pull ups & dips, And be able to squat without impingement

L9 Evolution Handstand

Unlock & Master the handstand. In this session we will drill handstand practice to improve lines, duration of balance, play with shapes, as well as more advanced movements such as the press to handstand.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Have durable wrists & confident shoulder + shoulder mobility. Be confident in a chest to wall handstand hold for at least 30 seconds at a time. 

L9 Evolution Calisthenics

We have several different calisthenics sessions. For some we will drill statics & transitions e.g. Front Lever, HSPU, Muscle Ups and for others we will learn freestyle & dynamics. Please check timetable.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to do sets of pull ups & dips, Possess a functional & durable body.



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