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Train everything at L9

get strong

Strength prevents injury and minimises muscle aches. It helps you move faster, more confidently and unlocks really fun (and impressive) movements.

get mobile

Actively building mobility helps prolong your ability to train over the years. It means you can perform exercises with more confidence, safely and is the other key component to unlock fun and impressive movements.

get lean

An athletic & lean body means you are placing less stress on joints and increasing your strength to weight ratio. An optimally lean body is light without sacrificing strength. Lean bodies are less prone to injury, much more mobile, easy to maintain and unlocks the impressive movements.

Calisthenics Coaching

Calisthenics is a bodyweight style of training and expression of strength and grace. This is simply an incredible way to build phenomenal strength. Our coaches are on the floor ready to work with you to improve your calisthenics skills and strength.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced (Levels 3-8)

Training Style: Coached with Programs 

Training Objectives: Strength, Mobility, Skills

L9 Coaching

L9 programs are designed full body & compound movement. Our coaches are here to help you learn the right techniques and modify the training to suit your objectives and lifestyle. Strength training is matched to your needs, whether you’re recovering, starting training for the first time or looking to improve personal records.

Suitable for beginner to advanced (Levels 1-9)

Training Style: Coached with Programs

Training Objectives: Strength, Recovery, Injury Prevention

L9 Yoga Class

L9 Yoga is our take on Yoga. Combining Yoga Skills, weight training and HIIT in a 60 minute class allows you to get toned, get the heart pumping, develop flexibility and learn some yoga skills!

Suitable for beginners to advanced (Levels 1-6).

Training Style: Instructor Lead Group Fitness Class.

Training Objectives: Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Skills

PureMotion™ Class

L9’s PureMotion™ is an instructor lead class designed to develop strength through the use of functional movement. This class targets the legs, arms and legs for a full body workout with a strong focus on developing abdominal (core) strength. Training in  PureMotion™ develops the base skills and strength to embark on your calisthenics journey.

Suitable for beginners (Levels 1-5) and for anyone starting calisthenics.

Training Style: Instructor Lead Group Fitness Class.

Training Objectives: Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Skills

Boxing Class

Get the heart pumping with a boxing session! Very few forms of exercise burn as many calories as boxing. Our boxing class is designed to build endurance, improve cardio vascular performance and build strong abs. (Note that while we will teach basic boxing skills, this class is not designed for sparring or preparing for the ring.)

Suitable for beginners to advanced (Levels 3-8)

Training Style: Group Fitness Session

Training Objectives: Conditioning & Strength


AthleticMotion is L9’s Functional training Group Fitness class and is an excellent way to burn calories whilst developing endurance and strength in a short period of time. Join our 45 minute high-intensity classes to get your burn on!

Suitable for beginners to advanced (Levels 2-8)

Training Style: Group Fitness Session

Training Objectives: Conditioning & Strength