Unlock your handstand at L9

Handstand Class

A group class to learn and develop handstands. Come train handstands with other like minded folk!

Class Objective

This class is purpose designed for those seeking to unlock and improve that elusive free-standing handstand as well as explore movements which require a handstand.

This class is creative in its approach and may seek to explore many different inversion movements.

It might take a little while, but with some investment anyone can unlock a free standing hand stand.

Class Format

Each class is 60 minutes in duration and lead by an instructor.

You will learn flows and movement patterns which will help you unlock and improve your ability to mount into a handstand and improve your holds.

You will also learn how to hold a variety of different shapes.

During training, you will be working with the wall as well as producing free standing handstands under the watchful eye of our trainer. You will learn to assist (and be assisted) others train their handstands and develop good technique. Advanced members will practice and explore more advanced movements such as LSITs to Handstands, Paralletes, Balancing on Blocks, Press to Handstands and more.


The following are requirements to participate in this class.

You should be able to maintain a Chest to Wall Handstand for at least 30s (not including the time it takes to hand walk into position). You should also be able to safely dismount from the wall assisted hand-stand safely. 

You should be able to be inverted upside down for extended periods as well as have healthy wrists and shoulders. 

A good test is if you are able to hold a head stand securely.

Before commencing this class you should seek medical advice if handstand training is suitable for you.

Not ready for handstands... yet?

You will eventually! However you can actually start the development of your handstand outside this class. 

You can start immediately by learning how to do a headstand. Come talk to our coaches to learn.

Yoga & stretch classes will help build shoulder mobility and strength to support handstands.

Strength Training will directly improve your strength to support your handstand. Why not try our strength classes.

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Don’t forget your towel.


L9 Program

Our most effective & highly efficient program for developing a functional body that’s strong, flexible & durable. These sessions systematically rotate through our bodyweight & calisthenics program & designed for members of all levels.

Minimum Requirement: Be injury free & cleared to do exercise by your certified medical advisor.

L9 Evolution Stretch

Take your stretch to the next level & unlock splits, back bends & more. Designed for intermediate and advanced members to unlock & maintain high level flexibility.

Minimum Requirement: A forward fold where you can hold your heels with straight legs. If you are unsure what a forward fold is, please attend the L9 Program.

L9 Evolution Strength

Take your strength to the next level. In these session we will attack advanced strength including weighted calisthenics, 1RM Testing, Advanced Training Systems e.g. Bulgarian, Barbell Leg Days to take fundamental strength to the next level.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to complete sets of pull ups & dips, And be able to squat without impingement

L9 Evolution Handstand

Unlock & Master the handstand. In this session we will drill handstand practice to improve lines, duration of balance, play with shapes, as well as more advanced movements such as the press to handstand.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Have durable wrists & confident shoulder + shoulder mobility. Be confident in a chest to wall handstand hold for at least 30 seconds at a time. 

L9 Evolution Calisthenics

We have several different calisthenics sessions. For some we will drill statics & transitions e.g. Front Lever, HSPU, Muscle Ups and for others we will learn freestyle & dynamics. Please check timetable.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to do sets of pull ups & dips, Possess a functional & durable body.


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