L9 Yoga Studio

Our brand new studio is large, spacious and contemporary. Come join us for a relaxing and restorative Yoga Session

L9 Yoga Studio in Nunawading

The L9 Yoga Studio is in Nunawading, minutes drive from Mitcham, Blackburn, Forrest Hill and Ringwood.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise which improves mobility, strength and flexibility. It has the benefit of being beginner friendly whilst proven at improving posture and reducing muscular aches and pains. It fits very nicely with the L9 philosophy of movement based training and is a low-impact way to train. Our practice focuses on Mindfulness and Mind Body Connection.

Our studio is very welcoming of members of all ages, gender and ability. Our classes are mixed and colourful.

Yoga is an ideal place to start bodyweight training and an excellent supplement to Calisthenics & Bodyweight Strength.

Visit our Yoga Studio in Nunawading and try out some yoga classes.

Beginner Friendly Yoga

Regardless of your fitness level, Yoga is a great way to improve mobility & strength and a wonderful supplement to strength and conditioning training. Unlock improved control and awareness.

Our classes are delivered by experienced Yoga instructors who will take you through a numerous Yoga practices. Our Yoga classes are fresh and varied, with a fusion of Vinyasa, Strength, Core & Ashtanga. There is always something new to experience.

Anyone can do Yoga! Come join us for some classes.

Progressing your Yoga training

Take next steps to improve your yoga practice by supplementing with our Strength & Stretch classes.

Poses are improved as your strength & mobility increases and often this is easier to accomplish when trained outside of a yoga flow.

If and when you’re ready, you can take on the handstand classes to include inversions in your flow.

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No events hours available!
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Yoga Classes

Our classes are 1 hour long and are suitable for both beginners and the advanced. We do leave additional time on either side of the classes for preparation as well as some self improvement. We also offer Open Sessions to foster progressions for members who are looking to pursue improvement and keen to unlock new movements, poses and skills.

What you need to bring for class

Bring a drink bottle, you might need it!

Its probably best if you brought your own mat. It sure beats sharing!

Don’t forget your towel.


L9 Program

Our most effective & highly efficient program for developing a functional body that’s strong, flexible & durable. These sessions systematically rotate through our bodyweight & calisthenics program & designed for members of all levels.

Minimum Requirement: Be injury free & cleared to do exercise by your certified medical advisor.

L9 Evolution Stretch

Take your stretch to the next level & unlock splits, back bends & more. Designed for intermediate and advanced members to unlock & maintain high level flexibility.

Minimum Requirement: A forward fold where you can hold your heels with straight legs. If you are unsure what a forward fold is, please attend the L9 Program.

L9 Evolution Strength

Take your strength to the next level. In these session we will attack advanced strength including weighted calisthenics, 1RM Testing, Advanced Training Systems e.g. Bulgarian, Barbell Leg Days to take fundamental strength to the next level.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to complete sets of pull ups & dips, And be able to squat without impingement

L9 Evolution Handstand

Unlock & Master the handstand. In this session we will drill handstand practice to improve lines, duration of balance, play with shapes, as well as more advanced movements such as the press to handstand.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Have durable wrists & confident shoulder + shoulder mobility. Be confident in a chest to wall handstand hold for at least 30 seconds at a time. 

L9 Evolution Calisthenics

We have several different calisthenics sessions. For some we will drill statics & transitions e.g. Front Lever, HSPU, Muscle Ups and for others we will learn freestyle & dynamics. Please check timetable.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to do sets of pull ups & dips, Possess a functional & durable body.


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