Bodyweight & Calisthenics Group Fitness Classes

Summary of the different classes we run.

Advanced Calisthenics Group Class

This is an intense Calisthenics class. Be prepared to work! Advanced Calisthenics Class This is an intense class and assumes the practitioner has some experience in Calisthenics training and is already fit and ready to drill. This 60 minute session

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Stretch & Flexibility Group Class

60 Minute Stretch class dedicated to Flexibility & Mobility. Class Summary Our primary objective is to develop full body flexibility in a 60 minute stretch class. Unlike the yoga class, you will explore flexibility drills outside of a yoga flow

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Strength Group Class

STRENGTH GROUP CLASS All Levels Strength Training Class Summary Our primary objective is to develop your strength capacity, i.e. help you increase your maximum strength as well as strength endurance through a range of bodyweight movements. Strength development will assist

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Calisthenics Group Class for All Levels

This is a 60 minute instructor lead session to learn calisthenics & handstand skills.  Our most popular Skills Class and operated at any L9 Facility. Book your spot via the L9 app today. Learn Calisthenics & Handstands The Calisthenics Class

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