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Move your body better, with complete and truly functional training. Discover bodyweight and calisthenics fitness designed for real people.

L9 is a bodyweight fitness system designed for everyday people to get strong, flexible & improve body control.

Training At L9


Benefits of Bodyweight & Calisthenics Training

Calisthenics & Bodyweight Fitness are the same things at L9. We are about developing strong, flexible and athletically lean bodies that move well and are truly functional.

The L9 Calisthenics philosophy is simple, we’d rather move the body than move bits of steel around.

Training at L9 creates fit & able bodies that can move with ease.

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L9 Program

Our most effective & highly efficient program for developing a functional body that’s strong, flexible & durable. These sessions systematically rotate through our bodyweight & calisthenics program & designed for members of all levels.

Minimum Requirement: Be injury free & cleared to do exercise by your certified medical advisor.

L9 Evolution Stretch

Take your stretch to the next level & unlock splits, back bends & more. Designed for intermediate and advanced members to unlock & maintain high level flexibility.

Minimum Requirement: A forward fold where you can hold your heels with straight legs. If you are unsure what a forward fold is, please attend the L9 Program.

L9 Evolution Strength

Take your strength to the next level. In these session we will attack advanced strength including weighted calisthenics, 1RM Testing, Advanced Training Systems e.g. Bulgarian, Barbell Leg Days to take fundamental strength to the next level.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to complete sets of pull ups & dips, And be able to squat without impingement

L9 Evolution Handstand

Unlock & Master the handstand. In this session we will drill handstand practice to improve lines, duration of balance, play with shapes, as well as more advanced movements such as the press to handstand.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Have durable wrists & confident shoulder + shoulder mobility. Be confident in a chest to wall handstand hold for at least 30 seconds at a time. 

L9 Evolution Calisthenics

We have several different calisthenics sessions. For some we will drill statics & transitions e.g. Front Lever, HSPU, Muscle Ups and for others we will learn freestyle & dynamics. Please check timetable.

Minimum Requirement: Be Injury free, Able to do sets of pull ups & dips, Possess a functional & durable body.



24 Rooks Road, Nunawading
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40 King Street, Prahran
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Whether you can do one push up or 100 push ups this place accommodates all levels of fitness. Trainers are highly experienced, friendly and very professional. Terence and Michelle take an interest in each and every student and have created an awesome environment and community. Started at L9 around 3 months ago with very bad shoulder pain and thanks to the Yoga and Pure Motion Classes it all disappeared. My advise to any mature person would be to join this gym. It does wonders for your mobility.
Marcel & Enè
I'm not a gym (fitness studio) or morning person but the trainers here (big shout out to Terence, Michelle, Amelia and Ryan) made me want to get out of bed for early morning classes! The staff here are friendly and very encouraging! They always take time to explain the right techniques while making exercise fun! I've made new friends who started on a similar journey with me and we're always cheering each other on. I love coming to Level 9 and highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a fun, non-conventional way to build strength and flexibility!
Jesslyn Hii
I've been looking for a good calisthenics gym - something I could use to learn handstands, muscle-ups, front levers, and the rest of the cool stuff and L9 is just perfect. Terence is AMAZING at breaking down each movement and figuring out what needs to be corrected to be effective. The "Pure Motion" sessions have been awesome in building proprioception. The classes are well designed and the community is friendly and fun. Highly recommended!!
Charles Lobo
Highly recommend this gym to those who want an alternative to your traditional fitness studio.. plenty of skills to develop and knowledge behind methods and practices is excellent. Yoga and flexibility clasees are great to have also which compliment strength and movement classes.. Give it a go.
Barry Eng
Warm and welcoming atmosphere (even for unfit beginners like myself!), knowledgeable and friendly staff always around and eager to help which is particularly helpful for feedback on technique. Facilities are new and clean. Definitely recommend checking out.
Narelle A
I started with L9 mid January 2021, I wanted to try a different approach to strength training. Michelle and Terrence are both very friendly and approachable. I feel comfortable in every class and enjoy being pushed outside of my comfort zone. Highly recommend L9, more than just fun and fitness.
Debbie Attiah


Browse Pricing, Memberships & Promos.

Get recommendations on which classes & programs are right for you, and how you could train at L9.

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