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One studio to train strength, mobility and fitness.
Get a fun training environment, experienced trainers, an amazing community and group classes.

Calisthenics Center

strength with control & grace

Yoga Studio

mindful movement & mobility

why bodyweight training


Training mobility means increasing flexibility as well as being able to apply strength and control at the full range of motion. Our movement classes (Yoga and PureMotion) help you develop mobility and flexibility as well as a mindful connection with your body.


It’s all about power to weight ratio and all the movement that strength unlocks. Bodyweight strength training is natural and truly functional way to develop strong athletic bodies.


Mastering fun skills is how you apply your strength and mobility! Skills development recruits your nervous system as you develop a heightened mind body awareness. Unlock skills like handstands, muscle-ups, human flags, headstands and more.

from first timers to advanced

you're never too new (or unfit) to start or too advanced to continue your bodyweight journey.
whoever you are and whatever your fitness journey was before, L9 can be your new home.

First Timers & Beginners

Bodyweight training is arguably the best way to start your fitness journey. We’ve put together low impact group fitness classes that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Training at L9 means you are developing all aspects of your fitness simultaneously, so nothing gets forgotten or neglected. Our trainers are here to help you make the most of your training and guide you to train safely.


Our classes provide a structured and motivated way to keep advancing your strength, mobility & skills. No two bodies are identical and L9 is a great place to discover ways to unlock your body’s full potential.

Advanced & Specialised

Fully develop advanced movements such as Muscle Ups Levers, Handstands, Planches & more with our advanced and specialised classes. Train and drill these skills with a passionate and friendly community. Unlock and master these movements.

about L9 members

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We have really balanced gender diversity at L9, with almost perfect 1:1 ratio of female to male, with members from 18 to 65. The point is, bodyweight training is for everyone.

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Most of our members mix up their training. We break stereotypes (men do yoga, women do strength) L9-ers value strength, mobility and are sensible with their training.

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All our members are amazing! We have an ultra friendly crowd at L9 who love to share and help each other.

what our members say

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Our Calisthenics Center / Yoga Studio is located at:

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