Program 003 - Muscle Up & Fold

Warm Up – No Breaks, Keep Moving

Hanging Shrugs + Dip Shrugs + Scap Pushups x 2 Rounds of 12 each

5 Min

Pronate Grip Pullups 2/3 Sets of 10

PLAY TIME: 10 Minutes of
– Explosive Pull Ups OR
– Jump Up & Negatives OR
– Pull Up & Jump
RANGE Matters during Play Time. Get Chest Out & Retract Scap!

15 min

P.Bar Dips (OR Straight Bar Dips) – 3 Sets of 6-8 (Work to 8RM)
Dip to 90 Degrees is enough. Doesn’t have to be very Deep, which allows us to go heavy.

– Weighted Dips

10 Min


Reverse Lunges 2×10 per leg (Weighted) OR Bulgarian Split Squats

10 Rounds of Ski Jumps. Try Single Legs , Double Legs, Short and wide distances. Experiment away

10 Min

Deep Stretch Sequence

Hamstring Glides or Pyramid Folds
Jefferson Curls / Press <- Hero Drill
(Aim for 3 rounds of Jefferson Curls)

8 Min

Seated Compression Lifts 3 x 10
Seated LSIT Compression Crunch 3 x 10

Minimum Breaks. Keep firing through.

7 Min

Light / Finisher Stretch Sequence

90 / 90 Hip Twist
Seated Figure Four
Down Dog
Cat & Cow

5 Min


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