Program 006 - Fold & One Arm Push Up

Warm Up – Keep it Moving. Be Prepped with gear.

Banded Squats Sequence
Suitcase Squats 2 x 12
Ankle Mobility Squats 2 x 15 per leg <- Keep Light – Don’t Break
Cat & Cow
Down Dog
90/90 Hip Twister

13 Min

Deep Stretch
Seated Figure Four
Seated Folds

10 Min

Seated Block Compressions – At least 2 Rounds
Kneeling Compression Tuck – 2 Rounds of 10-15 Reps
Compression Ball Hold & Release – 60 seconds

8 Min

Spinal Release
Lower Back Release

2 Min

Box Pistol Squats 2×8 per leg

8 Min

Archer Push Up to One Arm Push Ups
3×6 per Arm (Keep light enough so that we can do them Left & Right immediately together)

12 Min


PLAY TIME – 7 Minutes of Heaven
10 Minutes, Switching Arm, Aiming for 3 reps per arm, Break and Switch
OR 3 Pull Ups at a Go, Break, then go for another 3, Break

7 min


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