Program 007 - HSPU & Shoulder / Ankles

Warm Up

Forward & Back Crawls x 2
Bridge Crawls x 2

Wrist Warm Ups
Lazy Puppy Pose
Thoracic Spinal Twist
Dead Hang  (Aim for a total 60s)
Pike or Wall Shoulder Taps

12 Min

Pike Pushups – 4 Sets of 8

Pseudo Planche Push Ups – 2 Sets of 10

12 Min

Switch Grip Pullups 3 Sets of 8
(Optional Upgrade to Superset Rows to Failure)

12 min


Do 2 rounds of:
Tip Toe Ankle Mobility Sequence
Wall Knee Tap Mobility Drill 
Squatting Knee Taps
Seated Pistol Squat Lifts (or Pistol Squat Rocking)

10 Min

Box Step Up / Down (or Pistol) 3×10 per leg
No breaks, keep switching legs.

10 Min

Ships – 50 (Try to do in a row, then break up to a few at a go till you hit 50)

3 Min