Program 004 - Bend & HSPU

Warm Up – No Breaks, Keep Moving

Cat & Cow
Down Dog
Lazy Puppy
Thoracic Spine Twist

Aim to loosen up the spine, but be efficient with time. Try use up the full 10 minutes for this sequence. Its OK to go over a little. Be patient in these warm up drills.

10 Min

Deep Stretch
Cobra Wave (3 Sets of 10)
High Cobra Hold (3-5 Deep Holds) <– Hero Drill

Do at least 3 rounds of each to get a deep bend in.

10 Min

Stretch Release
Thoracic Spine Upper Back Release
Thoracic Spine Lower Back Release

Take Time to loosen up spine, Get comfortable and do about 60 seconds per release.

4 Min

Pike Push Ups 3 x 10
Go for volume. Stay in the 8-10 rep range
Short breaks so failure should be minimised

– Build to Floats or Feet Elevated

10 Min

Switch Grip Pullups 3 Sets of 8
Short 1 Minute Breaks

10 min

HIIT Circuit ( 2 ROUNDS! )
45 Seconds on, 15 Seconds off
With a 1 minute break between the 2 rounds
Everyone can do this together at the same time.

1. Kneeling Pike Ups
2. Skater Squat Jumps
3. Twist Jacks
4. Courtsey Lunges
5. Side Plank Hip Dips
6. Hollow Crunch Ups

16 Min