Program 005 - Lever & Middle Splits

Warm Up – No Breaks, Keep Moving

Floor Crawls
Bridge Crawls 
Keep Short. This is a Big Program

4 Min

Hollow Crunch Ups – Keep going till you hit 40
“our goal is to try hit 40 in the next 3 minutes”

4 Min

Warm Ups Continued
Hanging Shrugs + Dip Shrugs x 2 Rounds of 12

2 Min

Hanging Lean Back – 2 Sets of 8
Make sure its a deep retraction of Scap then lean back. Use feet if necessary

Ring / Bar Rows – 3 Sets of 8 – Failure Not needed but work to 8RM

[Play Time – 5 Minutes of Skin the Cats or F.L Holds] <- only if time permits.

15 min

Ring / Pbar Dips – 3 Sets of 10. Failure not required.

10 Min

Wide Squats – 2 Sets of 15 (Weighted if Necessary)
Triple Bridge
Superman – 2 Sets of 10 (Pre-engage Hamstring and Glutes)

Burn through this sequence. Break Not required

10 Min

Stretch Down
Hip Rotations
90/90 Hip Rotations
Pigeon Stretch (once a side)
Straddle Hip Circles
Straddle Pelvic Tilt into Pancake <- Deep Effort

(dont forget to Hip Reset at the end after the deep stretch)

15 Min