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Push Yourself to New Limits, at L9 Fitness Bodyweight Gym Near Ringwood

L9 Fitness is not your standard gym. It is a well-equipped space where highly experienced bodyweight trainers will teach you life-changing techniques for building strength, improving mobility and achieving greater mind body awareness.

It is a community of like-minded individuals, each at their own stage of their bodyweight training journey, and each with their own motivations for unlocking their body’s true potential.

But above all else, L9 Fitness is the ideal solution for achieving your fitness goals and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Our well-structured Ringwood calisthenics studio classes and yoga group training allow you to gain valuable new skills for building strength and improving mobility through movement in a lively, social environment.

Train at our dedicated calisthenics studio near Ringwood

Regardless of your bodyweight training experience, your work schedule, or your specific reasons for wanting to gain a better understanding of how to optimise your nervous system for heightened awareness; L9 Fitness offers a variety of classes at numerous timeslots throughout the week.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the specific disciplines they wish to hone – be it Yoga & Vinyasa Fusion, Calisthenics, Inversion Training or PureMotion Fundamentals

The L9 Fitness team is extremely well-versed in a whole host of bodyweight training techniques, mobility enhancement and similar disciplines. We’re ready to help you achieve your fitness and mobility goals.

Become part of the L9 Fitness community today

Explore our class passes and membership options online, and feel free to start a free trial to check out the space for yourself before joining. If you would like further information about our exceptional bodyweight gym training services, please feel free to call and we’ll be happy to help.

about our classes

coach lead


All L9 Classes are lead by coaches in a friendly environment. Exercises are demonstrated and individual correction is provided. 

for all levels

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You’ll be training alongside other members of all levels & coaches will provide exercises which suit your level.

60 minute classes


Our classes are 60 minutes in length and require booking on our website or with the Mindbody App. 

adult classes