The L9 Curriculum

8 Week Total Transformation Program

Embark on an 8 week journey to transform the way you move. Lose weight, gain strength and improve mobility at the same time. Each week we will run body composition analysis & fitness tests as you take on L9 fitness classes. Everything you need to transform your body is provided… all you need to do is join in!

This is a program for members of all levels. 

Mums & Bubs - Complete Bodyweight

For a limited time, we’re running a Mums & Bubs Program.

This is a perfectly balanced bodyweight workout, a combination of strength and flexibility for you while your child is entertained with activities! 

Designed for members of all levels.


Beginner's Strength

Our instructors will guide you step by step with beginner friendly strength classes designed to learn correct technique & form. Strength is critical to develop as a beginner as it protects your body from injuries and is very important part of developing a well balanced body. Our priority is to help you develop strength safely and consistently while you learn the fundamentals of strength development.

Note: Intermediate & Advanced Members, feel free to join in this class as progressions are provided.

Yoga Vinyasa & Fusion

Our experienced Yoga Instructors will take you through 1 hour yoga classes suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. As a beginner, start by familiarising yourself with the names of the yoga poses & work at your ability level. Yoga is an excellent way to develop flexibility, mobility and a basic functional level of strength which every human deserves.

Progressions and Regressions are provided for members of all levels to train together

PureMotion Fundamentals

This is a movement class which specialises in mobility, posture and activation. The 1 hour class aims to help you develop balance, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and skills at the same time. We highly recommend PureMotion Fundamentals to beginners as it helps to retrain the body to activate muscles correctly and develop good movement habits which prevent injury and develop strength.

Progressions and Regressions are provided for members of all levels to train together

Stretch & Flexibility


This is a stretch class which focuses on developing flexibility in hamstrings, shoulders, hips, spine and more. Its a 1 hour instructor lead class suitable for beginners and advanced. We highly recommend this class which is fast becoming a L9 favourite class!

Progressions and Regressions are provided for members of all levels to train together

All Levels Strength

Work alongside advanced and beginner members and develop strength with our bodyweight strength classes. You will train with others at your level & learn to motivate and support each other. Our instructors will help you refine your form and challenge you to get more out of your workouts. Each class is a full body routine which lasts for 60 minutes. Supplement this class with some self training.

Progressions and Regressions are provided for members of all levels to train together


The L9 Calisthenics class aims to develops strength through skill development and is aimed at intermediate and advanced members who have sufficient body control and strength to attempt. This class is often used as a substitute for strength training as you will develop strength simultaneously. Key skills we work toward developing include the Muscle Up, Hand Stand Push Up, Levers, Human Flag, Planche and more.

Inversions (Handstands)


This class is designed for those seeking to get their first free-standing handstand or further develop their inversion skills. Our trainers will teach the fundamentals of handstands while developing the co-ordination and confidence to remain being “upside-down”. This class prioritises drilling and practice being inverted and ideally should be attempted once familiar with PureMotion Fundamentals.

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